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NTOC has a port and waterway construction General Contractor Class-B qualification,its fixed assets is 462 million, mainly engaged in various types of port and waterway engineering, terminal, water conservancy, breakwaters, docks, locks , dredging, hydraulic fill, foundation and infrastructure, underwater blasting Wrecker and other supporting projects such as construction, ship repair operation, large-scale steel manufacturing.


From 2009,NTOC began to develop a number of specialized construction ship which suit to offshore wind power project. For example :'ocean 38' jack-up wind power installation ship ;'ocean 36' wind power installation ship ;'ocean 11' cable laying ship ;'ocean 29' wind power installation ship ;'ocean 28' piling ship . And also imported some wind power piling equipment :PVE 200*2 vibrator hammer , V360 vibrator hammer,etc.





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